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Our Financial Advice Process

We are passionate about helping you to achieve Financial Freedom.


Advice Process

See how we work with you via Our simple 5-step advice process.

At Stevens & Co Financial Services we are passionate about helping you to achieve financial freedom by providing you with the knowledge to make the best choice when it comes to your finances. Our goal is to develop a lifelong relationship with you and that starts with getting to know you and your financial goals. Below is the flow questions that we go through with clients to develop the best advice for your particular circumstances.

Step 1

Finding your freedom

Our goal is to develop a lifelong relationship with you and it all starts with taking the time to get to know you.  At Steven's Financial Planning, transparency and honesty will be key to creating the foundations of a successful relationship because we genuinely have your best interests at heart.  We will ask you questions about your financial goals and current status so we can provide you with the best advice for your situation, no matter where you are on your financial journey.

Step 2

Tailor a strategy

Our experienced Financial Advisor will take the time to work with you to discuss the options and investment strategies that will best meet your needs.  A tailor made plan will then be created specifically for you to reach your financial wants and needs.

Step 3

Present our recommendations

We'll prepare a Statement of Advice (SoA) for you to review at our next meeting, which will outline everything we have come to learn about you, and your goals and expectations. The SoA will also include our recommendations and set out how your Financial Adviser will put your strategy into action.  This is also an opportunity for you to discuss the strategy in detail with your advisor, to ensure you understand the recommendations clearly and are comfortable to proceed on the journey to financial freedom.

Step 4

Get the ball rolling

It's important to us that you acheive what is important to you.  So, with your permission, we get the ball rolling and will begin to shape your financial future in real-time. It's time for you to sit back and relax!

Step 5


Our experienced Financial Advisor understands that personal and financial circumstances can change over time, which is why we will check in with you regularly.  Our ongoing review process enables your advisor to track the progress of your strategy every 6 to 12 months and update or review your plan with you as required.